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Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and the SDGs

How artificial intelligence and robotics will change the future have long been the focus of science fiction. Now that the reality is beginning to catch up with what we have imagined, the nuances of these technologies and their actual potential are becoming clearer. This journey brought together Jan Van Mol of AddictLab, and S.P Mohanty, a leading thinker on AI for social good, and gave participants an experience of the current and future state of AI and robotics and an opportunity to discuss how AI and Robotics might impact on achievement of the SDGs.

Introduction to Addict Lab

The scribbing robot we built 

What we saw, heard and did
  • Visited a bus that is used as a mobile creative laboratory

  • Built a scribbling robot 

  • Played mini-golf with robots

  • Visited a Fab Lab with 3D printers, laser cutters, chocolate printers, pancake machines, and more

  • Heard about what is happening in the world of Artificial Intelligence – and what is not

Virtual Journey

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