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Reos Partners Learning Festival 2018

Transformation and the Sustainable Development Goals

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What is the Reos Partners Learning Festival 2018?

Once a year, Reos Partners holds a two-day by-invitation-only Learning Festival for partner organizations to join us in our reflection on practice.


The 2018 Global Meeting and Learning Festival was held in Geneva, Switzerland from 22-23 May 2018, and was organized in collaboration with the SDG Transformations Forum, SDG Lab, and the SDG Solution Space.

The Festival was attended by over 70 people from around the world, representing diverse stakeholders working with transfromation.  The Geneva location offered us an opportunity to connect our work more deeply with the “2030 Agenda” reflected in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and with the unique ecosystem of institutions in this internationally connected yet also intimate and innovative space.


The programme included frank and open sharing of experiences with transformative approaches to the SDGs, learning journeys to initiatives within Geneva that are working in transformative ways or are in touch with “frontier issues”, reflective conversations about how to strengthen and amplify transformative approaches, and open space sessions to develop new and strengthen existing collaborations,  and to share transformative methods for addressing complex and stuck challenges.

What was the purpose?


The 2018 Learning Festival was designed to

  • Develop, deepen and document our understanding of both tested and emerging transformative approaches to addressing systemic challenges,

  • Build relationships and community among practitioners actively engaged in multi- stakeholder systems change processes,

  • Strengthen capacities of the Reos Partners team to do our best work as well as the capacity of the convenors we partner with to lead transformative processes effectively.

What were inspired by, what we learnt and the questions we were left with

Click below to watch, read and download the snapshots of our time together at the Reos Partners Learning Festival 2018, held in Geneva and Puidoux, Switzerland

For more information on the Festival's objectives, programme and participants, please see the pages on the Festival's background 

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