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Labs for Stakeholder Participation and Citizen-Generated Data for the SDGs

The internet, social media platforms, smart technologies, open data approaches, citizen science and new approaches to stakeholder engagement and communication are transforming the way that knowledge is produced and used to infrom decision-making. While these developments open new possibilities about what can be known and understood and new ways of influencing, issues of privacy and data validation present challenges and issues of power and voice remain important. Participants from this journey were able to hear from Rosy Mondardini and Jose Louis Fernandez about the work of Citizen Cyber Lab a in addressing these challenges and opportunities, as well as from Kali Taylor about the work of the SDG Lab and Geneva 2030 Ecosystem in these areas. 

What we heard and saw
  • We visited the Palais des Nations, the home of the United Nations in Geneva 

  • Citizen science = citizen participation in research = crowd sourcing

  • This field of citizen participation is developing quickly

  • “Science is difficult for people, so now it’s being called crowdsourcing. It is now moving towards social issues”

  • “We help people who want to use crowdsourcing, we coach. We are really stressing data for impact.”

Virtual Journey

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