Governing and Valuing Energy,Water, Food, and Ecosystems in the Context of Climate Change 

How do we govern the nexus between food, energy and water in a complex and uncertain world to meet the basic needs of 10 billion people? Can recognizing and capturing the economic value of complex ecosystems lead to more environmentally sustainable behaviour? The LIVES Project, TEEB (The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity) Initiative, and the International Institute for Sustainable Development have been developing transformative approaches to addressing these questions. This group met with Louise Gallagher, Andrea Betancourt, Jacob Salcone and Lisbeth Casier. 

Presentation on the LIVES Project


by Learning Journey co-host Louise Gallagher

Virtual Journey

What We Saw and Did
  • Walked along the water front of Geneva’s Lake Leman

  • Visited Geneva’s Impact Hub

  • Heard about what is happening at the forefront of valuing and governing energy, water, food and ecosystems

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