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Block Chain and the SDGs

Beyond the hype of crypto currencies, blockchain is a technological approach to verification and transparency which is generating solutions to a wide variety of challenges. This journey visited the Palais Wilson, the first headquarters of the League of Nations and gave participants an introduction to what blockchain is. Virginia Cram-Martos of Tringularity shared the work that they have done with the UN Economic Commission for Europe on Blockchain for the SDGs, and Nathan Cooper of the International Federation of the Red Cross shared their experience in creating a blockchain application to facilitate cash transfers in Kenya. Participants also explored how blockchain might unlock transformative approaches to SDG implementation.

Presentation on Blockchain for the SDGs

by Learning Journey co-host Virginia Cram Martos

Videos Shown on the Journey Introducing Blockchain 

Virtual Journey

We Heard

“Blockchain is an immutable digital ledger or database. It is pretty limited what you can put on there, you cannot change it, but you can add to it, you cannot erase anything. It functions without a central authority.”

“Digital cash is already here – this area will grow and has large consequences. Slowly you take monetary policy away from the government so as usage of digital coins increases it calls for a new monetary governance.”

“The big plus about blockchain is that people read or use data even if they don’t trust the actual writer or person behind the data”

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