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Transformative approaches to forced migration

Being forced to leave their homes because of war, poverty or disaster causes unprecedented vulnerability and disruption in peoples' lives. Forced migration presents a major challenge to achieving the SDGs for everyone. This journey allowed participants to learn from the UN Refugee Agency about how they are innovating to address forced migration. They also explored how to transform the experience of forced migration through an interactive activity with Cuisine Lab, our caterers for the day.

The UN Refugee Agency Approach to Innovation 
Experiencing Cuisine Lab
Virtual Journey
Our First Stop 
The UN Refugee Agency
Innovation Services

Things we heard that stuck with us

  • At UNHCR Innovation is about the processes. It doesn’t start with technology

  • Gender equity is the foundation of innovation

  • We put refugees at the centre of ourwork

  • Unlearning is fundamental for innovation

  • The UN is increasingly open to innovation

  • It is fundamental that our team is inclusive and diverse and that it embodies our values

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